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3 Examples of Intentional Tort Cases in Cleveland

Posted Date: March 23, 2018 | Categories: Intentional Torts Attorneys Cleveland, Ohio

An intentional tort can leave you physically injured, at a financial loss, or without valuable and prized possessions. When such a thing happens to you or a family member, you have options for holding the responsible party to account, but you must understand what constitutes an intentional tort and why such an event gives you […]

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Commons Types of Intentional Torts

Posted Date: September 28, 2016 | Categories: Intentional Torts Attorneys Cleveland, Ohio

A person or a company commits an intentional tort when they act in ways that they know will cause harm. That simplified definition covers both parts of the legal term—intent and injury, which lawyers call a tort—but it does not really explain what types of action count as intentional torts.

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Can You Sue for an Intentional Tort?

Posted Date: August 5, 2016 | Categories: Intentional Torts Attorneys Cleveland, Ohio

Yes, you can sue for an intentional tort. The very name of the legal concept indicates that a victim can request compensation from the perpetrator because, in legalese, “tort” means “harm.” Your right to hold a person or company that harmed you accountable cannot be denied.

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