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Personal Injuries You Can Seek Legal Action Against

Knowing when you can take legal action for a personal injury requires understanding who can file an insurance claim or civil lawsuit and who can be named as being responsible for causing the personal injury. You must also be able to identify the reason the personal injury occurred and name all the harms suffered. (more…)

Commons Types of Intentional Torts

A person or a company commits an intentional tort when they act in ways that they know will cause harm. That simplified definition covers both parts of the legal term—intent and injury, which lawyers call a tort—but it does not really explain what types of action count as intentional torts. (more…)

Why You Need a Long Term Disability Attorney

If you or a member of your family can never work again, you need long-term disability benefits. And if you live in Northeastern Ohio and need long-term disability benefits, you must seek out advice and representation from a dedicated Cleveland long-term disability attorney. Here are four reasons why that’s true. (more…)

Understanding Your OPERS Disability Benefits

The most important thing to understand about applying for disability benefits from the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) is that you will probably be turned down if you can claim disability benefits from another state or federal program. The strongest claims for OPERS disability come from people who never paid into Social Security, the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System, or the Ohio School Employees Retirement System. Exclusion for multiple eligibility is not automatic, however. (more…)

How Employment Lawyers Help Both Employees and Employers

Employment law covers hiring, firing, workplace policies, and benefits. Recognizing this makes plain how a Cleveland employment lawyer could help an employee or an employer in any given negotiation or lawsuit. An employment lawyer’s knowledge of federal and state laws and practices regarding discrimination, rights, and contracting often proves invaluable when issues between workers and management arise. (more…)

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