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What Requirements Must I Meet to Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Posted Date: October 12, 2018 | Categories: Social Security Disability Attorneys - SSD Lawyers Cleveland Ohio

Social Security disability benefits provide a literal lifeline to people in northeastern Ohio whose physical or mental health renders them unable to work. The federal program, which is technically known as Social Security Disability Income, or SSDI, is also open to children whose parents would be eligible to apply for benefits if they became disabled […]

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What You Should Do When You Get Injured at Work

Posted Date: September 26, 2018 | Categories: Workers' Compensation Attorney Cleveland Ohio

The steps you take in the hours and days following an on-the-job injury in northeastern Ohio can make a great deal of difference in whether you qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits. While the circumstances leading up to your own workplace accident will differ from every other incident reported to Ohio Workers’ Compensation, there is […]

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How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio

Posted Date: July 20, 2018 | Categories: Personal Injury Attorney in Cleveland, Ohio

We recently described six signs you may be dealing with a bad Cleveland attorney. Here, we flip the script to highlight five characteristics shared by the best Cleveland personal injury lawyers. You should insist that the attorney you hire to provide advice and representation as you pursue an insurance claim or civil lawsuit possesses each […]

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My Doctor Didn’t Listen to Me and I’ve Been Misdiagnosed? Do I Have Legal Options?

Posted Date: June 12, 2018 | Categories: Medical Malpractice Attorney Cleveland, Ohio

We all trust physicians and nurse practitioners to make accurate diagnoses. We never expect that such highly trained and knowledgeable health care providers would overlook obvious symptoms or draw unsupportable conclusions about the underlying causes of our illnesses. The sad reality is that no one can correctly diagnosis a medical condition with 100 percent accuracy […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit Cleveland, Ohio

Posted Date: May 25, 2018 | Categories: Brain Injury Lawyer Cleveland, Ohio

What Are My Legal Options Following a Traumatic Brain Injury or Other Head Injury? No injury to the head or brain can be taken lightly. Very little force is needed to produce the kinds of nerve and tissue damage that triggers debilitating pain, problems with thinking and communicating, difficulty controlling muscles, and, in the worst […]

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Why Do I Need an OPERS Attorney?

Posted Date: April 10, 2018 | Categories: Social Security Disability Attorneys - SSD Lawyers Cleveland Ohio

You need a Cleveland OPERS attorney for at least three reasons: Applying to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System for disability benefits is confusing and time-consuming. Qualifying for OPERS disability benefits is almost always complicated by questions over eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) eligibility. Receiving OPERS disability benefits often requires appealing an initial […]

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3 Examples of Intentional Tort Cases in Cleveland

Posted Date: March 23, 2018 | Categories: Intentional Torts Attorneys Cleveland, Ohio

An intentional tort can leave you physically injured, at a financial loss, or without valuable and prized possessions. When such a thing happens to you or a family member, you have options for holding the responsible party to account, but you must understand what constitutes an intentional tort and why such an event gives you […]

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How to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Cleveland, Ohio

Posted Date: March 8, 2018 | Categories: Workers' Compensation Attorney Cleveland Ohio

Answering five questions will help you determine whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements for applying to receive workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio. You can also consult with an experienced Cleveland, Ohio, workers’ compensation attorney to clarify any lingering concerns you have about your eligibility.   Did I get injured or sick while doing my […]

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Elder Abuse and Neglect : What to Watch For

Posted Date: January 31, 2018 | Categories: Medical Malpractice Attorney Cleveland, Ohio

Elder abuse and neglect takes many forms, from abandonment in nursing homes to theft of Social Security and Medicare benefits. In all ways, the mistreatment inflicts needless and cruel suffering on vulnerable individuals. Ohio state statutes and federal laws give anyone who witnesses elder abuse and neglect the right to report problems to law enforcement […]

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Warning Signs of a Bad Attorney in Cleveland

Posted Date: January 15, 2018 | Categories: Workers' Compensation Attorney Cleveland Ohio

Watch for any of the following six warning signs that you have contacted or hired a bad attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. If any of the red flags pop up, exercise your right as a client and employer to find a new lawyer to offer you trustworthy advice and provide quality representation. You can change attorneys […]

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